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We continue to remain competitive by not only embracing change, but leading the industry in exploring new technologies. By utilizing and investing in renewable fuel technologies, we reduce our dependence on foreign oil as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

We are:

Partners in Calgren's ethanol plant producing 55 million gallons per year

Distributing ethanol through the new 10% blend in California and E85 product for Flex Fuel vehicles

Powering 26 of our retail fuel stations and headquarters with solar

A leading provider of biodiesel
Renewable Fuels Contacts
E85 & Ethanol
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530-885-0401 ext. 2287
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650-873-8200 ext. 3

Harnessing the Sun
Take a look at our real-time solar meters to see how much electricity we are saving at our stores right now!

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Know the Facts
The Ethanol plant in Pixley is producing clean-burning fuel while benefitting the environment and local economy.

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Go Green, Go Biodiesel
We are far beyond recycled vegetable oil - find out how biodiesel is nontoxic, biodegradable, and clean-burning.

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